Charles Barkley Hosting Saturday Night Live Recap

SNL Recap Season 43 Episode 14: Charles Barkley Hosts

When Barkley debuted as a host in 1993, he still played pro basketball, he did a “Daily Affirmation” sketch with Al Franken, and the musical guest was Nirvana.

Saturday Night Live recap and review: Charles Barkley with

All your dreams are coming true because Saturday Night Live is back! This week, they have Charles Barkley with musical guest Migos! Saturday Night Live’s return this week was fine. Not fantastic, but fine. Sure, there were some fun moments and it was worth it to see our favorites back on the show again.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: Charles Barkley Doesn’t Dunk

But at least the balance of good sketches to bad was decent, and we got to watch Charles Barkley get molested by a puppet. There are worse ways to spend a Saturday night.

Saturday Night Live: Season 43, Episode 14 |

America’s most disgusting, desperate, and vomit-inducing bar patron was back in the night’s final sketch, this time getting overly physical with Charles Barkley’s fellow drunk customer.

Saturday Night Live Recap: Charles Barkley Shines as

Tonight on NBC, Charles Barkley returned to host Saturday Night Live for the fourth time with musical guest Migos. Barkley truly shined in an edgy, funny, unexpectedly poignant, frequently weird

Charles Barkley to host SNL with musical guest Migos on

Sir Charles Barkley is hosting the March 3, 2018 edition of SNL with musical guest Migos, one of Hip-hop’s top acts in the game.

‘SNL’ Recap: Hope Hicks Bids Farewell To Her “Dead End

SNL returned after taking the month of February off with host Charles Barkley and musical guest Migos. Mexico’ Episode 5 Recap: The Life of Pablo Saturday Night Live brought back Alec

Saturday Night Live: SNL season 43, episode 14 live stream

The Rock is the only athlete who has hosted Saturday Night Live as an athlete more times than Charles Barkley, and often times he does so to promote his films as an actor.

‘SNL’ Hands Out “The Grabbies”; Charles Barkley Barbecues

Saturday Night Live got its hands on Hollywood’s biggest night – with a sketch about the Grabbies, filmdom’s highest honor for sexual harassers and gropers.

S.N.L. : Watch Charles Barkley’s Weirdness Completely

When watching four-time host Charles Barkley tackle his latest monologue for Saturday Night Live, newcomers to the show may be forgiven for wondering how an athlete with such a stilted cue card

Not even the comedy stylings of Charles Barkley can

Yes, Charles Barkley has now hosted Saturday Night Live four times. Which isn’t a complaint or a joke, really.