30 Renaissance Paintings That Will Only Speak To You If You’re Gay

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30 Renaissance Paintings That Will Only Speak To You If You’re Gay. The Sistine Chapel, precursor to the modern-day Instagram.

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If you want to split hairs, then it is certainly possible that many artists at the time were «gay» if you count being «gay» as having flings with men, romances with men, bromance with men or once writing vaguely erotic poetry about men.

Top responsesRedditJust off of the top of my head– we have Bramante, architect, designer of St. Peter’s Basilica that Michelangelo would go on to execute. For a second I … read more90 votesOkay, now do an effort posts on Lesbianism (Sapphism at the time?) and I’ll give you some Old Milwaukee beer (it’s the only one I could think of with a woman).29 votesThis may be the most wonderful drunk rant on this sub ever. A+20 votesI have no words. I’d let Captain Morgan do the talking but I find drooling on the keyboard doesn’t translate to well to text on screen. uj See? Nope. You, uhyou … read more13 votesNicely done. Worthy of cross posting to /r/badarthistory13 votesThe last time I did, I found out that gynecologists and neurosurgeons apparently have more pull on the public’s perception of ART than actual ART … read more4 votesSee all

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“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”-Leonardo da Vinci Creativity Quotes of The Mannerist Era By the mid-1500s, artists were exaggerating the realistic and harmonious techniques of the Renaissance to develop the Mannerist style.

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The Italian Renaissance was one of the high points of Western Artistic culture, and here at Bright Hub, we offer you the words to describe what we see. Brush up your Italian vocabulary with Italian art.

Why were there so many nude paintings during the

Renaissance means rebirth. Specifically a rebirth of learning, science, medicine, art, etc. The Renaissance era was just that. People were studying Greek and Latin, and reading the works of Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Homer, and others.

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You might also enjoy secret codes hidden in Renaissance art and conspiracy theories about famous Renaissance paintings. All the greatest artists associated with the Renaissance movement are included here, along with clickable names for more details on that particular painter or sculptor.

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Art always reflects the time period that it was created in. Renaissance art is interesting because the Renaissance was an interesting time in history.

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Renaissance artwork is among the most respected, discussed, and analyzed by art scholars, aficionados, and casual art fans. Oil reproductions of Renaissance paintings are preferred to prints because they reflect the highest quality. Oil paintings in the same medium as famous Renaissance paintings, reflect the intent of the original piece, providing a rich look and textured feel that is unmatched by other mediums.

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Renaissance art Renaissance (portraits) Renaissance Paintings National Gallery of Art National Portrait Gallery Jan van Eyck II Art & Paintings Art History Hennin Forward Rogier van der Weyden Portrait of a Lady painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Rogier van der Weyden Portrait of a Lady painting is available at custom size.

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«When you see ugly babies in real life you can’t laugh, but when you see ugly babies in an old painting you can laugh and be considered an art critic!» «This Tumblr Dedicated To Ugly Babies In Renaissance Paintings Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day» See more

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Sistine Chapel: In this painting, not only are the characters portrayed more realistically, but you can also really see the relationship between man and God. In the center of the painting, you see that Adam has a good relationship with God but God is still the ruler of him.

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List of famous Renaissance paintings, listed alphabetically with pictures of the art when available. The Renaissance period was a cultural awakening in the art world, so it’s no surprise it produced some of the most historic paintings in the history of the world.

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Just a few years later on August 31, 1512, a group of 30 young aristocrats staged history’s first gay rights demonstration by charging into City Hall, forcing a senior justice official to resign and demanding that the council revoke the sentences of all those who had been exiled or deprived of office for sodomy.

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The drawings, known as I Modi, were created by a Renaissance painter in the early 1500s, banned by the pope and supposedly destroyed. They were republished a few years later, and again in the 1700s.

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Linear vs. Painterly Painting. Mainstream Renaissance painting in Italy, which was led by Florence and Rome, is typically executed in a linear style. An artist creates a linear style painting by drawing up a precise sketch of the scene, then painting in the colours.