Donald Duck revealing Christina Aguilera’s boobs in Disney Land

Donald Duck revealing Christina Aguilera’s boobs in Disney

Aug 01, 2008 · Donald Duck quickly slides arms around and pulls part of her top off, revealing her right breast. For the actual pic, turn safe search off and google image search: Donald Duck boobs Donald Duck revealing Christina Aguilera’s boobs in Disney Land – Forums

Real Disneyland Princesses Exposed, Nip Slips, Fails

Mar 29, 2014 · This is an angle of Disneyland Princesses you have never seen. Nip Slips, Fails, Cleavage, Christina Aguilera Boob Grab Wrong Right crazy BOOBS game to look under the t … Donald cops a feel? NSFW

unless Christina was completely willing to let Donald do it. That statement is just wrong on quite a few levels As far as the question about how easy it would be- the first thing that came to my mind was «where there’s a will, there’s a way».

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Donald Duck flashes us Christina Aguilera’s boob. If you are the original creator of material featured on this website and want it removed, please contact the webmaster.

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Through some private d!ck work, I’ve discovered that that is Christina’s body, but the boobs are likely superimposed. If you zoom in on her arm in the picture, there is a tattoo. This same tattoo is pictured up close in the link below, if you scroll down.

Christina Aguilara Molested by Donald Duck (NSFW Pix

Oct 27, 2006 · Original Link:THIS DUCK IS SMOOTH – What Would Tyler Durden Do Original Pic: (Click to see the real big one) Aaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That shit is funny as hell.

this isn’t a real picture of christina aguilera is it

May 19, 2008 · I agree that can’t be a real photo of Christina Aguilera. Besides I doubt she would allow Donald Duck to pull down her shirt like that

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Woman sues Disney Parks, claims Donald Duck groped her

Aug 13, 2010 · AUGUST 10–While visiting Epcot Center in Florida, a Pennsylvania woman alleges that a Disney employee dressed as Donald Duck grabbed her …

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Jan 01, 1970 · Christina Aguilera’s son Max turned 3 on Wednesday, but the pop star kicked off celebrations a day early with a trip to Disneyland, where the …

Christina Aguilera Flaunts Boobs and Skinny Figure in

Christina Aguilera went on an Instagram spree last night posting a bevy of intimate photos from inside her home. However, one sexy snapshot in particular turned the most heads among her fans. The

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Thus, all of Disney’s revenue now comes from its TV shows, Lindsay Lohan and its popular theme parks, Disneyland and Disneyworld. Disney owns some land in Europe, where actors are encouraged to yiff on camera , which is the only exciting thing to happen there since most people there prefer theme parks based on their own crappy characters.

What?!? Christina Aguilera Allegedly Called Mickey Mouse

Dec 29, 2014 · Even when visiting «the happiest place on earth», Christina Aguilera is no happy camper. Last week, the pop diva and her friends went to Disneyland California Adventure to …

Just one more reason for indifference to Christina

Jun 19, 2007 · Never to be out-done Christina shows her piercing standing next to Donald Duck at what looks like Disney land. Uhmm, does the Parents Council know […] Jess’ Blog – » Wardrobe Malfunction gets tossed.

Christina Aguilera ‘brands Mickey Mouse an a****le at

Christina Aguilera celebrated her 34th birthday at Disney’s California Adventure with her fiancé Matt Rutler and a host of pals last week – but according to TMZ, things soon turned sour.