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Brown Bess is the nickname of the British Short Land Pattern musket. It was the standard arm of the British soldier during the American Revolution. Unlike modern weapons, the musket was slow to load, inaccurate and frequently unreliable.

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Brown Bess was the close companion of the British soldier for almost a hundred years. by Joseph G. Bilby The French advanced swiftly, with men yelling “Hurrah” and officers shouting encouragement.

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THE BRITISH Brown Bess flintlock musket is quite simply one of the most important firearms ever made. It represented a huge technological advance when it was designed more than 200 years ago and has influenced almost every military long gun that came after it.

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Originally the Long Land Pattern, the «Brown Bess» musket was the standard weapon of the British Army from the mid-1700s into the 1800s.

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British Land Pattern musket aka Brown Bess Specifications The weapon in common use during the Napoleonic Wars was the musket. The British musket, commonly known as the Brown Bess, was the weapon with the longest service life (over all its variants) of any firearm in history.

Weight: 10.5 pounds (4.8 kg)

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Brown Bess (Photo credit: TJJohn12) The main weapon of choice during the American Revolutionary War was the Long Land Pattern Musket, or smoothbore …

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3rd Model (India Pattern) Brown Bess Musket. This lighter and shorter (39-inch barrel) musket became the preferred musket of manufacture by the Board of Ordnance for the British Army in 1797. Prior to this, this pattern was developed and adopted by the armies of the East India Company, hence the name. brown bess musket

Old Brown Bess Regulation Muskets And Socket Bayonet From The British Old Brown Bess Regulation Muskets And Socket Bayonet From The British Army Its Origins Progress And Equipment Published 1868 Poster Print (12 x 17)