Improvements to waste water and sludge treatment in Poreč, Croatia-Projects

Improvements to waste water and sludge treatment in Poreč

Improvements to waste water and sludge treatment in Poreč, Croatia. The second phase of a European Union-backed project around Poreč on the west coast of Istria county in Croatia’s Adriatic region is upgrading waste water and sludge treatment facilities so as to improve the provision of such services.

SUEZ Environment, STRABAG win WWTP contracts in Croatia’s

ZAGREB (Croatia), November 12 (SeeNews) – France’s SUEZ Environment, specialising in water and wastewater management, said on Thursday it has won in a consortium with Austria’s STRABAG deals for the design and construction of wastewater treatment plants in Croatia’s Porec.



The works contract includes design and construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant of tertiary level for 5,000 PE in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Yellow book). The plant consists of the following basic components namely: a) mechanical treatment, b) biological treatment and c) sludge treatment…

Supervision of the design and construction of wastewater

In October 2014, SAFEGE d.o.o signed a landmark contract with the water and wastewater company of Poreč: Odvodnja. The brief was to supervise the design and construction of a sewer system and wastewater treatment plant for the city, which, located on the Adriatic peninsula of Istria, is a major Croatian tourist destination.

Sludge treatment, reuse and disposal – UNEP

5. Sludge treatment, reuse and disposal. Sludge is produced from the treatment of wastewater in on-site (e.g. septic tank) and off-site (e.g. activated sludge) systems. This is inherently so because a primary aim of wastewater treatment is removing solids from the wastewater.

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Sludge treatment • Primary sludge usually have strong odors • Secondary sludge have high concentration of microorganism • Goals of treatments are: – Reduce odors – Remove water reduce volume – Decompose organic matter .


Zagreb Wastewater Treatment Plant (CUPOVZ), Croatia

The EBRD-financed Zagreb Wastewater Treatment Plant, which opened in phases between 2004 and 2007, was intended to improve water quality in the River Sava.

Sludge treatment, reuse and disposal – UNEP

The water removed from thickening needs treatment. It can be returned to the inlet of an off-site wastewater treatment plant, or in the case of sludge from on-site units by an aerobic treatment process such as lagooning. 5.5 Dewatering and drying


Multicriteria Assessment of Alternative Sludge Disposal

Sludge is the largest by-product from waste water treatment plants and its disposal is one of the most challenging environmental problems in waste water treating processes. Sludge is a by-product of water and wastewater treatment operations. Sludge from biological treatment operations is sometimes referred to as wastewater biosolids.

The Importance Of Wastewater Treatment Environmental

In a conclusion, wastewater treatment industries have a good prospect in the future with the help of new technologies. By using all those new technologies, waste water treatment can be done efficiently with lower overall lifecycle costs, lesser energy and equipment needed.



sludge sources, characteristics and quantities To design solids processing, treatment, and disposal, and disposal facilities properly, the sources, characteristics and …


Opportunities in Croatian Water- and Waste Management

=)The EU directive on the treatment of urban waste water. Croatia applied for a transitional period up to 2023, with intermediate goals in 2018 and 2020. =) Hrvatske Vode ( Croatian Water) is the responsible state body for the implementation of water management projects and also responsible for the co-financing along with EU and EBRD. 2.Waste

C2CF Porec water and wastewater sub-project –

Usluga Poreč d.o.o. a universal municipal company, majority owned by the City of Porec. EBRD Finance. Senior loan of up to €20 million. Project Cost. Up to €84.11 million. Environmental Impact. Categorised B. The project will provide substantial environmental and health benefits for the city of Poreč.


Once the waste-water treatment plant is completed, its operation will cause limited local impacts such as aerosol emissions, odour and noise, and will require adequate provisions to prevent chemical spills and to ensure adequate sludge management.

South Cross Bayou Water Reclamation Facility: Biosolids

By treating water and recycling biosolids, we can complete a natural cycle in the environment rather than taking up space in a landfill. Gresham Smith was selected by Pinellas County to evaluate the facility’s biosolids equipment and processes, and to design a new state-of-the-art biosolids dewatering system.