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The Gatling gun is a machine gun that consists of multiple barrels revolving around a central axis and is capable of being fired at a rapid rate. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler of the Union army first

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Gatling would refine the basic design of his gun over its 40-year lifespan, but the basic operation remained the same. The Gatling featured four to ten barrels arrayed around a central axis and a

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Gatling, Richard Jordan Richard Jordan Gatling. Brady-Handy Photograph Collection/Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (Digital File Number: LC-DIG-cwpbh-03735) Without equal in the era of hand-operated machine guns, the Gatling gun could fire 3,000 rounds per minute if externally powered.

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In 1861, Doctor Richard Gatling patented the Gatling Gun, a six-barreled weapon capable of firing a (then) phenomenal 200 rounds per minute. The Gatling gun was a hand-driven, crank-operated, multi-barrel, machine gun.

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Gatling Gun – Model 1878, Built by Valley Engraving LLC. in Woodsfield, Ohio, a full scale reproduction of the 1878 Gatling gun with a few changes, the Gatling gun …

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Gatling gun definition, an early type of machine gun consisting of a revolving cluster of barrels around a central axis, each barrel being automatically loaded and fired every revolution of the cluster. See more.

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Dec 28, 2014 · Another great video on US military Gatling machine guns The Dillon M134D Gatling Gun is the finest small caliber, defense suppression weapon available. It is a six barreled, electrically driven

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