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Cloud V Side Arm Aqua Bubbler attachment for your Cloud ElectroMini Portable Enail. Add to Cart. Coupled with the powerful Electro E-nail, this piece will be your favorite centerpiece of all time. These bubblers function as glass water pipes with numerous benefits, whether they are for a dry herb vaporizer or a wax vape pen; a glass

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(Base, battery, bubbler, nail, lid, tool — everything has a clear role and is easy to assemble, even for the novice dabber.) Now, CloudV has two versions of the Electro, one with a traditional, vertical bubbler and one with the Side Arm Aqua Bubbler .

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CloudVapes brings you the most innovative vape pens and portable dab rigs. Large selection of vaporizers, vape pens, dab rigs, and bubblers and their accessories. 14 times best product award winning company. Free shipping on all orders over $59!

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Even though the vertical aqua bubbler isn’t my favorite, I do like the fact that Cloud V offers both a vertical and sidearm attachment. Advantage, Electro. Lastly, the Boost includes a titanium nail and a ceramic nail, while the Electro only includes a titanium nail.

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Cloud V, one of the most trustworthy names in the vapor industry, has just created the highest grade e-nail available. The Cloud V Electro is powered with a long life 6000mAh battery, including a Side Arm Aqua Bubbler water hydrator, with two titanium nails for dabbing.

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How to Use the Cloud V Electro Cloud V Electro. Place the aqua bubbler onto the device, then fill it with water. Press the power button 3x to power up the device. Select the temperature by pressing the power button for 4 seconds. Dab wax onto the nail and inhale from the bubbler. Cloud V ElectroMINI


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The Cloud V Electro is an e-rig with a titanium nail and two different glass bubbler attachments. a new e-nail rig with an attached water bubbler and some super high heat. but both of them are very high. This is good for getting big draws from wax, but leads to high-intensity splatter with thinner oils. The water attachment is a cool


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The Cloud V Electro Vaporizer is an advanced e-nail that uses a powerful 6000mAH battery which can reach powerful temperatures of over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit making it one of the best dabbing e-nail vaporizers in the world.

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The Pulsar Elite Series Mini E-Nail is a small but powerful enail kit that enables you to dab wax with precision temperature control and without a torch. Compatible with titanium and quartz enails, the Pulsar Elite Series Mini E-Nail consists of a temperature controlled box with a digital display, a 5 foot cord, and a 16mm heating element.

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Enail vapes use electronic heating elements to vaporizer wax and oil concentrates and are designed to fit on glass rigs and water pipes. The e-nail vaporizer replaces traditional torch and fire methods of heating up a nail prior to vaporization.

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The Cloud V is an essential wireless Desktop E-Nail rig that features a Titanium E-Nail along with a Powerful 6000mAh Battery and a Glass Aqua Bubbler that features supreme water filtration, cooling down your strong rips as you inhale them!

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The Cloud V Aqua Bubbler is the perfect water filtration device for your Cloud V Vaporizer. It’s made from high quality glass and fits directly onto the included tornado globe atomizer (platinum or classic).

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Cloud V ELECTRO e-Nail The quick why: The Cloud V ELECTRO e-Nail is a kit that includes the battery and water attachment , to start you dabbing like a pro now . Both the mini and full-size versions have precise temp control (550-1,000°F).

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Apr 03, 2016 · Anyways, the Cloud Electro gen 2 hopefully goes a diff route as I like the idea of the bigger design, bigger nail and glass piece. But the nail system needs work imo. If they could just heat 3 seperate ceramic rods with their 3 linked 18650’s in the next gen I would be all over it.