Strangely Mesmerizing ‘Damn Daniel’ Vine Takes The Internet By Storm

Strangely Mesmerizing ‘Damn Daniel’ Vine Takes The

Strangely Mesmerizing ‘Damn Daniel’ Vine Takes The Internet By Storm. The Internet is freaking out over one video of a kid walking around in white Vans and getting catcalled by his friend

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129 entries are tagged with vine of the week. 1. Steph Curry’s Dad Dell Curry is «dabbed» on by a trolling fan.

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People will do any and everything for the vine and in this section you will see some of the funniest vines ever made. Vines of kids giving dating advice, taking one for the team, roast sessions and plenty more.


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Lil Bub takes Vine by Storm – Modern Cat

For the uninitiated, Vine videos are 6- second looping video files created through a handy app that people use to publish strangely mesmerizing snippets of their lives (kind of like a gif). As we know, cats are already strangely mesmerizing, so the Vine video is a natural showcase for them.

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Related Charts: Damn Daniel On Ellen, Damn Daniel Ellen, An Internet meme (/ˈ m iː m / MEEM ) is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet.

Damn Daniel Vine Channel Creates Collection of – OTLSM

The Damn Daniel vine channel is a collection of vines that share the Damn Daniel theme. Some of the vines are based directly off the original video while others are spin offs of the viral hit. These vines will continue to be created until the hype dies down.

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