Era of hoaxes, fake news keeps Snopes writers busy

Era of hoaxes, fake news keeps Snopes writers busy – The

Snopes, the popular site with San Diego connections, is particularly busy in its mission to separate truth from fiction. News Education Era of hoaxes, fake news keeps Snopes writers busy

Era of hoaxes, fake news keeps Snopes writers busy – ALIPAC

Feb 13, 2017 · Era of hoaxes, fake news keeps Snopes writers busy Era of hoaxes, fake news keeps Snopes writers busy Vinny Green works on an update to from his office in Pacific Beach.

How Snopes keeps fact-checking in the era of fake news

And sane? This week on 2 Girls 1 Podcast, Alli and Jen talk to Brooke Binkowski, managing editor of Snopes.

Snopes’ Field Guide to Fake News Sites and Hoax Purveyors

Jan 14, 2016 · The News Examiner skirts Facebook’s crackdown on fake news sites by mixing real news and listicle items in with its fake news reports, but the site neither identifies its fake news items as

PBS: Why are Russian trolls spreading online hoaxes in the

Jul 12, 2017 · Big news, except there was no explosion, the video was a fake, as were the news Web sites that reported it, and the footage of the Islamic State group taking credit. The social media posts were not what they seemed.

Out-Snoped! Snopes Outed as Unfit to Discern Fake News

The danger of giving certain entities the power to tag a news story as “fake” or “real” is clearly demonstrated by recent revelations about Snopes. 11 After Facebook announced Snopes would be used to fact-check stories, The Daily Mail 12 questioned Snopes’ façade as a paragon of truth.

Why Zuckerberg’s New “Trust Indicators” Can’t Fix Fake

Prior to the era of fake news, Snopes was most commonly used to settle the occasional political dispute—now, however, the bulk of the site’s articles are dedicated to debunking salacious

Snopes on brink as founder accused of fraud and lying, the ‘fact- checking’ website, has a GoFundMe asking for cash, claiming it is being ‘held hostage’ by a contractor. In fact it is in a bitter legal battle with its CEO accused of fraud.

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Mar 08, 2018 · But the Snopes writer, who is none other than David Mikkelson himself, declares in the debunking article, Although it should have been obvious that the Babylon Bee piece was just a spoof of the ongoing political brouhaha over alleged news media «bias» and «fake news,» some readers missed that aspect of the article and interpreted it literally.

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Jan 27, 2018 · I’m sure that the vast majority of people creating fake news don’t believe it, but this reads like a smear job more than a legit story.

In an era of fake news, Snopes says it could shut down

Snopes calls itself the “oldest and largest fact-checking site on the internet”; it is regularly cited as a key source to counter rumours and fake news online.

Can mythbusters like keep up in a post-truth

Snopes sourced this to a site that mimicked ABC News to lure clicks to an underlying malware site, generating advertising revenue. It named and shamed the worst offenders earlier this year.

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Fake news is nothing new. But bogus stories can reach more people more quickly via social media than what good old-fashioned viral emails could accomplish in years past.